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Si votre Tablette est reconnu dans l’ OS et que les paramètres sont bien appliqués :

4. Enable USB debugging in your device.

5. Connect your Android device and install it’s drivers. Go to Windows Device Manager (step 2.1 and then Device Manager) and see if the device doesn’t have a yellow exclamation. If it has, you have to install the driver. On Windows 64 bits, maybe you have to disable the Windows driver signature. For Windows 8, see this post. For Windows 7, check this one. If you don’t have the driver, try the Google one, start the Android SDK Manager and in the extra, check Google USB Driver and hit Install Package. After downloading, you can install following this instructions.

6. Check the device installation through adb. With the device connected, open the command prompt, go to the adb folder (it’s the platform-tools folder in SDK folder, the command is “cd path” where “path” is the path to platform-tools) type “adb kill-server” hit enter and then type “adb devices”, hit enter. You should see your device under the “List of devices attached”. If you don’t see any device, you have a problem in your device installation.

7. Configure Unity. Open Unity, go to Edit>Preferences>External Tools and tell Unity where the Android SDK is installed. Close Unity.

8. Execute the Unity Remote. With the Unity closed, connect your device to your computer, start the Unity Remote and then open Unity. When you hit play the game must run in the computer and in your device.