Unity 2017 Beta soyez parmi les premiers à découvrir les nouvelles fonctionnalités

unity beta
unity beta

unity beta

Soyez parmi les premiers à découvrir les nouvelles fonctionnalités de Unity en ouvrant votre projet dans notre dernière bêta ! Signalez les erreurs que vous rencontrez via le Unity Bug Reporter Tool dans le menu Help pour nous aider à améliorer la version.

Pensez à sauvegarder votre projet avant de l’ouvrir dans une version bêta de Unity.

Page de téléchargement de la version beta

Notes de version Unity 2017.1.0b3

2017.1.0b3 Release Notes (Delta since b2)

Known Issues

  • Audio: AudioSource attached to VideoPlayer produces choppy sound when playing certain mp4 files with VideoPlayer created from script (895458)
  • Editor: « The system cannot find file specified » error while opening the project for the first time. Deleting Library folder resolves the issue. (895343)
  • Editor: Editor crashes on attempt to open some 5.5 compatible audio projects. (880653)
  • Editor: Text in Editor becomes red after dismissing EditorUtility.DisplayDialog() popups. (886650)
  • Editor: Unity crashes when playing a scene with maximized game view (894572)
  • Graphics: Debug GFX overlay is drawn on top of objects. (851379)
  • VR: Rendering problems on Pixel Daydream when using 4x or 8x MSAA with single-pass stereo. This is due to driver issues, so the problem will be addressed via a driver update, independently of Unity releases. (-)


  • Collab: Project Browser Filters including ‘All Modified’, ‘All Excluded’, ‘All Conflicts’, ‘All In Progress’
  • Collab: Right Click Menu Options in the Project Browser including See Differences, Revert, Conflict Resolution
  • Editor: MacOS: Support Visual Studio for Mac as an External Script Editor. Opens .sln (solution) file when double clicking a script.
  • Graphics: Added RenderTextureDescriptor struct that allows you to copy and create RenderTextures by passing a single value.


  • Editor: Simplify dragging code setup: Getting rid of the requirement of setting DragAndDrop.objectReferences = new UnityEngine.Object[] {} when using DragAndDrop.SetGenericData()
  • Web: It is now allowed to override User-Agent header in UnityWebRequest

API Changes

  • Asset Import: Added ModelImporter.extraUserProperties
  • Playables: – Changed C# Playable classes to structures: new and better approach for the API, it uses less memory and is in line with the future job system.
    • Remove properties in favor of getters and setters: since we’re using class extensions that can’t have properties, we decided to only use methods to have a consistant API (i.e. not properties there and methods here just because reasons).
    • Rename ScriptPlayableData to PlayableBehaviour: the PlayableBehaviour is the user side of the ScriptPlayable, it is where the user puts its logic.
    • Documentation is in progress expect a better one in a few weeks.


  • 2D: Fix « Register Undo object is not a ScriptableObject » error message when editing Sprite in SpriteEditorWindow after entering and exit PlayMode (900436)
  • 2D: Fix NullReferenceException error when entering PlayMode with SpriteEditorWindow opened (900419)
  • 2D: Fix occasional crash when SpriteRenderer.size is set multiple times in a single frame (898946)
  • Asset Import: Fix incorrect Animation help bubble in ModelImporter UI when Animation Type is None (899008)
  • Asset Import: Fix issue with strings sometimes having the wrong value when importing a binary package and editor serialization is set to Force Text. (857486)
  • Build Pipeline: Fixed issue where the selected build target wasn’t being changed on projects created from command line. This affected changes made to player settings via scripts in these projects. (901407)
  • Editor: Fix crash when calling EditorSceneManager.NewScene in a DidReloadScripts callback (891856)
  • Editor: Fix gameobject set to HideInHierarchy and moved to DontDestroyOnLoad scene made the scene header show in the Hierarcy Window; with no objects (893148)
  • Editor: Fixed bug introduced in 5.6.0f3 that broke holding alt to pin center of PrimitiveBoundsHandle (affects edit modes for BoxCollider, CapsuleCollider, BoxCollider2D, CapsuleCollider2D, etc.); also back ported to 5.6.0p4
  • Particles: Scripted Play/Stop/Simulate etc generate no garbage, and handle sub-emitters correctly. (856840)
  • Scripting: Fix crash due to « Too many threads » (882697)
  • Scripting: Fix crash when Deep Profile is enabled (897828)
  • Scripting: Fix issue where OnDisable would not get called when entering play mode for ScriptableObjects that were created in edit mode and do not have a script file with the same filename as the ScriptableObject class name. (883373)
  • UI: PhysicsRaycaster now culls raycasts that are outside of the camera viewport. This prevents confusion between multiple raycast hits when using multiple cameras with different viewports. (636595)
  • VR: Removed Daydream specific call outs in documentation that are no longer correct. (900866)
  • WebGL: Fix Input.simulateMouseWithTouches (894098)
  • WebGL: Fix WebGL build failure when both WebAssembly and Full Exceptions are enabled (892185)
  • WebGL: Turn WebAssembly loading errors into simple log messages (896202)
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